Plant derived enzymes


APPLICASE®LSG100 is a performant liquid enzyme preparation for food use containing endopeptidase

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Applications :

  • Protein hydrolyses
  • Seasoning
  • Tenderizing
  • Gluten transformation
  • Palatability
  • Clarification of pilsner beer.

Advantages :

  • Easier to bring in solution
  • Easier to diffuse or to dose in the reactors/tanks
  • Possible automatization by pumping (dosage) our APPLICASE®
  • This liquid version of our pineapple enzyme is less concentrated (and thus less aggressive then pure powder)
  • Our liquid is a homogenous product (no lumps, no concentration of activity...)
  • Enzymes are potential inhalation allergens, our liquid APPLICASE® is safer for your production crew (no dust)
  • Storage conditions: at 0-4°C (our stability studies show optimal results at these storage conditions)

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